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Recall of the week 15-10-12: Lamborghini Gallardo, Lotus Evora, V12 Vantage & Honda CR-V

In a bid to keep you from driving potential death traps, we’ve decided to take a look at motoring recalls in a new weekly feature cunningly called ‘recall of the week’. We want to keep you in the know so you can get any issues with your motor fixed as quickly and easily as possible, so the first time you’re aware of a fault is when reading this site rather than when your car is ploughing backwards through a hedge on fire.

Lambos are hot. Sometimes too hot.
Lambos are hot. Sometimes too hot.

Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe/Spyder

Citing a potential leak in the power steering high pressure line under ‘persistent severe road conditions and mechanical stress’, this recall-worthy issue could cause 1,491 examples of the Italian supercars built between 2004 and 2006 to suffer from a loss of steering assistance. No big deal you might think, until you realise the leaking fluid could catch fire if it comes into contact with an ignition source, turning your exotic motor into an expensive fireball. The remedy involves replacing the power steering high pressure line, something Lamborghini has said it will do at no cost. Just bring your Gallardo or Gallardo Spyder in to your nearest dealership and it will carry out the necessary work.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Aston Martin is recalling 169 examples of its 2009-2012 V12 Vantage Coupe because of a problem with the tyre-pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Lawmekers state that a warning must sound when the tyre pressure is equal or less than 25 per cent of the recommended cold inflation pressure. Affected models only alert when the cold tyre pressure is 25 per cent below the recommended level – I.e when the thing is nearly flat. That’s of use to nobody, so Aston Martin will reprogram the TPMS free of charge at your nearest dealership. Give the company a call, assuming it hasn’t already been in touch.

Lotus Evora

80 examples of the supercharged Lotus Evora built between February and September of 2011 could be affected by a three-piece engine oil feed pipe that can rupture. The result, besides a loss of engine oil and the potential damage that could do, could be a fire as the oil sprays onto a hot engine. As you would expect, Lotus is more than happy to rectify the issue without you having to reach for your wallet. Best to get in touch with Lotus to arrange the repairs.

Honda CR-V

Keeping on the subject of potential fires, Honda is in the process of contacting 77,000 UK drivers who own a CR-V manufactured at its Wiltshire manufacturing plant between 2002 and 2006. The global recall is said to affect almost half a million vehicles. The fault concerns a faulty seal that is meant to keep liquids out of the window switch built into the CR-V’s door. Owners reportedly smelt burning, a by-product of water reaching said switch. In extreme cases, the switch could overheat, melt and catch fire. For that reason, Honda recommends you park your affected CR-V away from buildings, or anything else you don’t want burning down, before taking it to your nearest dealership for a free repair.


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