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Recombu Cars offers twenty-five per cent off a new Ford Kuga

Here at Recombu Cars, we’re always looking out for our readers. We provide independent reviews, news and comparison to help you make informed buying decisions, but we also go a step further by negotiating unbeatable exclusive deals on new cars to help you save money.

We're offering our readers the chance to save twenty-five per cent off a brand new 62-plate Ford Kuga!
We’re offering our readers the chance to save twenty-five per cent off a brand new 62-plate Ford Kuga!

When we launched, we brought you 25 per cent off the brand new, award-winning Ford Focus Ecoboost and we’ve followed this up with another stunner. Our latest offer is a huge chunk of cash off the price of the fantastic Ford Kuga. The standard dealer price for this model, a Kuga 2.0 TDCI Zetec 2WD is just shy of £22,000. Buy through us, however, and you can have it for £16,750 on the road – a twenty-five per cent saving!

For your money, you get a brand new, 62-plate Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCI Zetec 2WD delivered from a Ford main dealer. These cars have had no previous owners – they are straight from Ford’s metaphorical oven and – if you want it delivered to your home – will only have delivery miles on the clock. While you’re ordering, you can specify any number of upgrades you fancy in order to make it that bit more special.

We think the deal speaks for itself. If you want to own one of the finest, most stylish, most capable crossover vehicles on the market today and don’t want to pay very much in the process, then head over to our deals page to learn more.

If the Kuga isn’t the right car for you (perhaps you want something smaller, larger or you want to pose in a convertible) then fret not. We will continually strive to bring you great deals on vehicles of all types. Make sure you bookmark us and check in regularly for exclusive car deals that no-one, not even the dealerships can match.

To take advantage this staggering offer, head over to our deals page, purchase your entitlement voucher and place your order by telephone. We’ve tried to make the process as painless as possible so before you know it your new car will be sat outside your home and you’ll be the envy of your neighbours.


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