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Recombu’s car comparison tool takes the legwork out of choosing a motor

Choosing a car can be a confusing, arduous task. There are so many factors to consider, such as performance, economy and safety, that many of us simply give in and resort to picking the model that’s the cheapest and least offensive-looking.

Our new car comparison tool lets you select from thousands of cars.
Our new car comparison tool lets you select from thousands of cars.

There is a better way. Recombu Cars is proud to present a new, state of the art, car comparison tool that allows you to look at a collection of cars side by side in order to analyse their relative strengths and weaknesses. Want to know whether a Ford Focus is cheaper than a Vauxhall Astra? No problem. Is the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder LP 550-2 faster than a Ferrari California? You can find out here in seconds.

All our figures are supplied by the same trusted authority that supplies many vehicle manufacturers with data for their own sites, except here it’s presented in an easy to understand format and there’s no restriction on the types of car you can compare. Want to see how economical a Ford Fiesta is compared to a Chevrolet Corvette? Fine by us.

Using the tool is easy. Simply head to the Recombu Car Comparison page, click one of the vacant ‘Add Car’ spaces in the ‘My Garage’ section at the top of the page and use the drop down menus to choose a vehicle you want to add to your Virtual Garage for comparison. Hit ‘Add Car’ again and it’ll be added to the first column in your comparison table. Repeat the process again for a second and, if you want, a third and fourth car, and those will be added in subsequent columns. If you get bored with one particular car, simply remove it and add another.

If you want to read more about a particular car, hit ‘view’ under the thumbnail image in the ‘My Comparison’ row and we’ll take you to a product page with further information, opinion, and give you the option of requesting a brochure or booking a test drive. Best of all, your comparisons are saved for as long as you browse the site, so feel free to click around our pages, do a bit more research, and come back to your comparison later.

There are thousands of cars in our database – everything from superminis to family hatchbacks to supercars and we’re working to add more every day. We think you’ll find it’s a great way to discover not only how cars from different manufacturers compare, but also how one particular type of car changes when you consider a slightly different engine, gearbox or number of doors.

We’re constantly tweaking the type of data we show to best reflect the information you which to see. We hope you like it. If you have any comments, feedback or simply want to send us a virtual high five, then contact us at


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