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Red Bull F1 car plays US national anthem

There’s no end to the talents of a Formula One car. Besides being able to get around a track at break-neck speeds and deafen bystanders from 1,000 paces these high-powered race machines can be musical, too.

The multi-talented Red Bull F1 car isn't just fast, it's also extremely musical.
The multi-talented Red Bull F1 car isn’t just fast, it’s also extremely musical.

A video, created by luxury Nissan brand Infiniti, has surfaced online that shows the Red Bull F1 car playing the US national anthem — and very well, too.

Using the wonders of computing, the F1 car’s V8 engine is revved at various RPM to musical notes in the order of The Star-Spangled Banner. The result grates ever-so-slightly more than Whitney Houston’s rendition but it is an impressive feat nonetheless.

This isn’t the first time a car has been used to make sweet, sweet music. Renault and Lotus F1 cars have also performed their own rendition of God Save the Queen, becoming two of the world’s most expensive musical instruments in the process.

If you think that’s barmy, America and Japan have roads that can turn everyday motors into instrument on wheels. Thanks to grooves in the road at specific intervals, your tyre creates different musical notes. For instance, the closer together the grooves, the higher pitched the note as you drive along.

Because of the gaps needed to create each note, there is always an optimum speed you need to drive along – one example in Japan is best driven along at 28mph – as going too fast will be like hearing the song on fast forward, and going too slow will make you feel like you’ve gone into some sort of video game bullet-time mode.

Sadly, the fun police of California removed one of these Honda-built musical roads because residents said the theme from the Lone Ranger drove them nuts. These people have no soul.

What about musical instruments impersonating cars? Well, that’s been done too by an especially talented guitarist who managed to mimic the sound of a Formula One car during a race.

Source: Auto Blog


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