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Red Bull wows with ‘Rube Goldberg’ chain reaction video

Red Bull has its taurine-flavoured fingers in a vast variety of pies, routinely getting involved with everything from F1 sponsorship to blokes parachuting from space. In an attempt to showcase its army of sponsorship ties, the company’s created an elaborate Rube Goldberg chain reaction ‘athlete machine’ involving many of its stars.

Red Bull's army of sponsored athletes have combined to create a Rube Goldberg 'machine'.
Red Bull’s army of sponsored athletes have combined to create a Rube Goldberg ‘machine’.

A Rube Goldberg machine, in case you’re wondering, is a deliberately over-engineered chain reaction device involving a complex array of parts that combine to perform a simple task. This particular contraption involves everything from hurdlers to extreme BMXers, but the most impressive links in the chain are arguably the Red Bull cars – Rhys Millen’s Hyundai Genesis coupe drift car and Brice Millen’s Ram trophy truck.

The video starts with skydiver Sean MacCormac falling backwards out of a helicopter. He parachutes safely onto a platform that starts the elaborate sequence of events. A bowling ball rolls along to trigger a leafblower, which eventually spins a platform along which skateboarder Joey Brezinski uses to front-wheel balances his board towards yet another trigger point.

Eventually, pro BMXer Drew Bezanson releases red, amber and green flags, giving Brice Millen the go-ahead to hoon his Ram trophy truck across concrete and later in a muddy field. He then, via some plastic barrels, a rocket and a model submarine, releases Rhys Millen, who drifts his Hyundai Genesis Coupe through a spiral layout. The tail end of the car smashes through barriers that eventually allow motocross rider Robbie Maddison to let loose with wheelies and giant backflips.

It’s very clever, well-edited stuff that serves as a great reminder that Red Bull will throw its money at any activity in which participants are likely to break bones. Have a gander at the video for yourself below.


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