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Red cars attract most bird poo

Red cars attract more bird poop than any other vehicle, a survey has revealed. Halfords surveyed 1,140 cars in Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds and Bristol and 18 per cent of red cars sampled had been been splattered with avian excrement.

Birds seem to have a vendetta against red cars.
Birds seem to have a vendetta against red cars.

The ornithological poop analysis revealed blue cars weren’t far behind — 14 per cent of those in the study were covered in poo. Black cars were next on the list with 11 per cent having been coated, 7 per cent of white cars were affected, while a mere 3 per cent of grey/sllver painted cars got a splattering. 

Birds didn’t seem to care much for crapping on green cars, though. Just 1 per cent of those sampled had poo on them.

The obvious conclusion to draw from the results of this study is that there are simply more red and blue cars on UK roads than any others, hence they attract more crap. However, according to recent sales figures, red cars sell in comparatively limited numbers — white, silver and black prove far more popular.

That leaves us with myriad theories to consider. One Lexus driver in the survey said newly-polished cars are targeted because birds see a reflection of themselves, although why this would triggers a sudden airborne bowel movement is beyond us. A Ford Focus owner claimed seabirds regularly pooped on blue cars because it reminded them of the ocean. Others said birds saw red as a sign of danger, or that birds tried to defecate on cars with the same colour plumage as them — but if this were the case surely brown, grey and white would suffer most due to the proliferation of wrens, pigeons and seagulls that rule the UK skies. 

Ultimately, the theory that holds the most weight is that the survey was a crock of bird droppings from the very beginning. Are we wrong? Do you have your own theory on why and wher birds prefer to drop a deuce? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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