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Remote control car chase video is a tiny bit epic

Most movie car chases are pretty unrealistic. In fact, the more unrealistic they are, the more awesome they become. Reinforcing this logic, the guys over at the finalcutqueen YouTube channel have have created their own, ultra-fake, but ultra-awesome car chase featuring radio controlled toys.

The cliché RC Action chase features a pair of custom-made Mustang radio controlled cars hooning through a spray-painted cardboard cityscape. As the two cars carve their way through the fake town, ploughing through fake road works and crashing through tables and chairs outside fake restaurants, a pair of toy helicopters give chase, firing fake missiles as they go.

It’s all incredibly well done, with some excellent camera work and some even more impressive driving. The cars and helicopters, controlled by the guys over at the Nitro RCX and Xheli channels, show considerable skill, drifting the Mustangs with surprising precision through the narrow streets.

You can watch the video by clicking above. When you’re done, make sure you check out the behind the scenes video that shows how the project came together and stay tuned until the end for some bonus drifting footage (even the helicopter does a spot of ‘drifting’).


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