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Can this Renault Megane RS lap the Nurburgring in under 8 minutes?

New Renault Megane RS video details challenge for sub-eight-minute Nurburgring record.

Renault has released a teaser video of its new Megane RS, a car it hopes will help it regain the title of fastest hot hatch ever to complete a lap on the legendary Nurburgring. The title is currently held by the Seat Leon Cupra.

The video, which can be seen above, shows the new Megane RS running in the factory on a dyno, as engineers review telematics data and generally gawk at how badass it looks. That’s about as exciting as it gets, unfortunately, but for some tasty exhaust blasts towards the end of the clip.

The Megane RS will feature upgraded components provided by partners including Michelin, Akrapovic, Ohlins and BRM.

No power figures have been revealed as yet, but it seems the prototype on show features all-wheel-drive transmission, as indicated by the fact it’s spinning all four wheels on the dyno. If the final model does sport AWD, it would put the Megane RS in a different record category to the front-wheel-drive Leon Cupra.

Renault has made no secret of its lust for the hot hatch Nurburgring record. The Megane’s R26.R set a swift 8:07.9 to claim the title in 2011. However, Seat’s Leon Supra 280 snatched the record with an even swifter 7:58.4.

Honda is likely to enter the scrap with the new Civic Type R.

Renault is expected to make its record attempt in mid-June. Follow hashtag #under8 to keep up to date with its progress.


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