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Renault Twizy tested on high-speed circuit in video

The Renault Twizy has arrived. Against all odds, this ostensibly ill-advised slice of sci-fi electric motoring is here and if you’ve got around £6,000 (plus £45 per month to lease the batteries) you can take one home yourself.

We’ve been indifferent to the Renault Twizy for some time but when the opportunity arose to hop inside one and sneak past the marshals at Millbrook Proving grounds, we couldn’t help but throw it around the facility’s infamous hill route.

During our rather unconventional road test, we discovered the Twizy was slow, has firm unforgiving suspension, hard seats, next to no equipment and an electric motor that makes a quite annoying whine at just about any speed.

But we also discovered, much to our delight, that it was a bloody hoot to drive. Its open, exposed cabin lets you feel the wind against your skin, its skinny tyres transmit an abundance of feel through the steering wheel and you’ll feel butterflies in your stomach as you hurtle down hills at speeds that feel, but aren’t actually, breakneck.

The video review will show it’s far from perfect, sure. You’ll get rained on, people will stare at you and you’ll question your own sanity for buying an electric car that doesn’t include batteries as standard.

What’s undeniable however is the fact he Twizy is fabulous fun to drive. Watch our video review and tell us we’re wrong. We dare you.

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