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Renault Twizy window upgrade keeps rain at bay

Driving a Renault Twizy through mild drizzle can feel a bit like crawling naked through Frankenstorm Sandy. Luckily Renault has released a ‘nifty new window system’ that winter-proofs the previously windowless electric runabout. The handy upgrade, which costs £295, adds a rigid metal frame to the Twizy’s scissor doors and flexible transparent ‘windows’ that you zip into place.

Renault engineers knew they had forgotten something...
Renault engineers knew they had forgotten something…

Renault says you don’t need a degree in mechanical engineering to fit the two parts, as there are no bodywork modifications to worry about and no need for tools you probably don’t have. Just clip the thing into place and voila – you’re significantly drier and slightly less cold than you would have been otherwise.

If you do encounter a freak outbreak of autumnal sun, the flexible window panels can be opened to keep the cabin from getting too steamy. Two slits in the panel help provide ventilation to reduce the chances of the cabin steaming up, while a handy opening lets you access the door handle with ease.

UV light protection and resistance to corrosion are promised, although sunburn is probably going to be the last thing on your mind as you brave the wintry months ahead.

Renault says the winter upgrade will be available from the end of November so give your nearest dealer a bell if you don’t fancy the idea of your Twizy turning into a bathtub on wheels.



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