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Rest in peace paper counterpart driving licence

Bid farewell to the paper driving licence. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency will be doing away with the counterpart to the photocard from January 2015 as driving licence services transition online. 

The change will come into effect on January 1st, 2015, after which a photo card driving licence will be issued and nothing else in the case of a new licence or replacement. Changing adresss will still be possible with the paper counterpart if you want to avoid doing so online.

Any penalty points, entitlements and your current driving status will remain unchanged. This is not a clean slate for naughty drivers.

The DVLA is working on a ‘digital enquiry service’ called Share My Driving Record that will allow companies and organisations to view the information shown on a counterpart licence digitally. Access will only be made available to those who have the right to view your details and with your knowledge. 

Those with an ‘old-style’ paper driving licence introduced prior to 1998 photocard introduction will need to keep it as nothing has changed. There’s no need to do anything if your licence was awarded after that date.

Insurance companies are hoping the system will make it easier to provide more accurate insurance quotes, which could help bring premiums down on average.


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