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Ripsaw EV2 makes the Hummer look like a pansy

If the zombie apocalypse happens, we know what vehicle we will be buying. Ripsaw has revealed its latest creation known as the EV2 – and it’s far more terrifying than any flesh-eating being.

The Ripsaw EV2 is the work of Howe and Howe Technologies, a company that specialises in ‘extreme vehicle fabrication’, with some of its more ridiculous creations being used by the US Government.

As you can see from the vehicle itself, it has gigantic tracks that allow it to tackle icy terrain with the grace of Torvill and Dean, while the numerous lights up front light the path ahead into whatever terrain you throw at it.

Not that it matters whether you can see much because the 650bhp mid-mounted V8, adjustable pneumatic suspension and the sort of build quality reserved for tanks will squish just about anything that gets in the way – Mother Nature included. If Jeremy Clarkson designed a vehicle, this would be it.

Some of our favourite vehicles from the Howe and Howe range include the Bulldog 4×4 Extreme Brush Truck, which can take 2,000 gallons of fire-fighting liquids anywhere they are needed, the RS1-GR1 Gremlin, which is a remote control vehicle with a huge gun on top, and an off-road wheelchair.

Just in case you lack the garage space for a Ripsaw EV2, there is always the option of a miniature version known as the Ripsaw Mini. Imagine a quad bike on steroids and you are half way there.

Best send Howe and Howe an email if you want something crazy made for you. Oh, and have deep pockets as these toys are unlikely to be cheap. Two videos of the Ripsaw EV2 await.

Ripsaw EV2 video


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