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Road tax could soon be issued without an insurance cover note

The government could soon make it less of a hassle to get a replacement road tax disc. Roads Minister Stephen Hammond has announced the start of a consultation process that, once concluded, could reduce the amount of red tape involved in getting your vehicle taxed.

Soon you may not need to present an insurance document to obtain a tax disc.
Soon you may not need to present an insurance document to obtain a tax disc.

Currently, the process involves jumping through several unnecessary hoops — mainly visiting a Post Office and presenting your insurance documents. However Hammond wishes to remove the requirement to present your insurance papers, because it’s already possible to check whether a person is insured to drive using Motor Insurance Database.

“There is absolutely no benefit in making motorists prove they have insurance when they buy a tax disc now that we regularly check existing databases for insurance under Continues Insurance Enforcement rules,” said Hammond in a DVLA press release.

“The introduction of Continuous Insurance Enforcement last year was always designed to provide a more robust and technology driven solution to ensuring that vehicles have insurance in place,” continues Ashton West of the Motor Insurance Database.”

This is fantastic news for drivers, as obtaining an insurance certificate isn’t always a straightforward task. Some insurers take an age to send out hard copies of insurance documents, which can delay your ability to renew tax. Some insurers don’t bother at all, and we’ve heard horror stories of Post Office staff that don’t accept electronic copies – and this despite the fact anyone – including attendants at the Post Office, can instantly tell whether or not you’re insured via the MID.

The consultation for a reduction in red tape begins today. You can weigh in on the argument here.

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