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Rockbox is a 125-decibel boombox on wheels

When you think of a boombox you probably imagine a little radio sat on top of an shell suit-wearing, old-school hip-hop-blasting youth. But those aren’t boomboxes. THIS is a boombox. Meet the Rockbox, a 24-foot-long party on wheels that packs a 125 decibel punch.

The Rockbox is based on a 1987 V8 Dodge van. However it’s been heavily tweaked over a 7-month period with $20,000 worth of modifications to resemble a giant boombox on wheels. The finished product is incredibly detailed, with a 37-foot motorised retractable antenna, a radio tuner and a graphic equaliser. It even lights up at night.

The Rockbox has room for around 50 people on its upper and lower decks, but you’ll need guts and ears of steel to ride the thing. Its sound system is powered by an onboard 10kW generator and 1,750w invertor, which throw power to a small army of speakers, including multiple 18-inch subwoofers. In all, the Rockbox chucks out around 125db, which is loud enough to feel like you’re standing a few metres away from a jet engine as it takes off (or 200 miles from Ke$ia – both are pretty painful).

Although needs a trailer to be driven on public roads for legal reasons, once at a venue it can be driven around on its own steam.

Obviously a gigantic speaker on wheels gains a lot of attention wherever it goes and it’s become a favourite at the Burning Man festival since it was built in 2007 by owner Derek Wunder.

“My bus creates a party literally every time you park it and music is playing. This Rockbox is a larger than life conglomeration of the great ghetto blasters from the early 1980s,” Wunder explained.

Wunder is selling the Rockbox because he’s becoming a dad and presumably wants to avoid the temptation of deafening his offspring. Yes, that means you could become the proud owner of a van that’s as loud as a pneumatic drill.

Source and images: Laughing Squid 


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