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Rolls-Royce B12 hearse ensures you go out in style

For many petrolheads, making your final journey in a rubbish old hearse will only add insult to terminal injury. Luckily, Italian hearse-builder Biemme Special Cars has concocted a premium coffin caddy codenamed B12.

When you go out, go out in style!
When you go out, go out in style!

The ultra-luxurious body bus is based on the Rolls Royce Phantom. It measures seven metres in length and comes equipped with a 6.75-litre V12 engine that develops a potentially heart-starting 453bhp.

Having all that power is far from overkill. The heavily modified Roller reportedly has over 600 new components and a staggering 200 metres of welding to move on top of the already weighty Phantom chassis.

The extended rear section can accommodate a 2.34 metre coffin – enough for most basketball players – and there are four seats plus suicide doors (we kid you not).
Biemme Special Cars hasn’t confirmed its price, but the company did say the B12 will cost considerably more than €500,000, so expect it to be around the half a million pound mark. If you have the cash to spare and don’t mind the fact you’re paying through the nose for a car you’re only ever likely to use once, you can delight in the fact Biemme Special Cars will produce two B12s a year, so exclusivity is guaranteed.

If you can’t quite stretch to the Roller, Biemme Special Cars also modifies a number of Mercedes Benz models, including the CLS and the E Class, which should be far more wallet-friendly. Or you could be a scrooge and hire one instead.

The B12 hearse is based on the Rolls Royce Phantom.

When you're a phantom, you'll want to ride in this Phantom.


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