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Rolls Royce Phantom used as a £270,000 luxury rally car

Have you ever wondered what chauffeurs get up to when they’ve finished dropping their masters off at the airport? We’d love to think that most of them run errands before taking the car back to their owners’ mansion for a good polish. We’d also love to think that occasionally, some of them will take their employer’s Rolls Royce Phantom back to the estate to throw it sideways around the grass pro rally style.

Want to see a Rolls Royce phantom drifting? Well you're in luck.
Want to see a Rolls Royce phantom drifting? Well you’re in luck.

A video posted on YouTube recently appears to suggest the latter does happen from time to time. Yes, folks, an unidentified wheelman has actually put a Rolls Royce Phantom through its paces in an off-road setting, capturing the footage as he went. In the clip, which can be seen below, the unidentified driver powers up the Phantom’s epic V12 engine, cruises through the grounds of what appears to be a private estate and powerslides the thing gracefully across the once pristine grass.

While he’s no Ken Block, the driver shows some decent skill, getting the car extremely sideways while skirting perilously close to trees. Once he’s run out of fresh grass to plough, he takes to the tarmac, crashing through giant puddles with admirable commitment, before lighting up the tyres and unleashing huge clouds of smoke.

The highlight for us is probably the moment he threads the car, tyres squealing, through a narrow set of gates and, presumably back into the garage to have it cleaned before the owner catches on.

Whoever you are, sir (or madam) we salute you. Have a gander at the footage for yourself.


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