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Rory Reid: Critics don’t affect Chris Evans’ Top Gear screen time

Top Gear presenter Rory Reid has hit back against allegations that Chris Evans is getting less airtime because of declining viewing figures and a frosty reception from fans.

Speaking to Recombu Cars, Reid explained that almost all of Top Gear‘s mini films were shot well in advance and that himself and co-presenter Chris Harris were always scheduled to debut later in the season.

He said Evans being less prominent in episode three had absolutely nothing to do with declining audience figures or criticism of lead presenter Chris Evans, as reported by the Telegraph.

“The fact is: series 23 of Top Gear runs for six episodes. I have recorded a total of four segments for the series. These will be spaced out at a rate of one per episode. It’s not rocket science to calculate that if I wasn’t in the first two episodes, then my four segments would span the following four episodes.” Reid told us.

“Nobody’s taking a back seat. Everything is planned well in advance by the producers. I knew I’d make my debut in episode three before episode one was even broadcast.”

The latest episode of Top Gear, which critics and fans have said was the best yet, saw audience figures drop to 2.37 million ─ the lowest figure since 2003 with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May at the helm. The last episode of Top Gear with Clarkson had an audience of 5.8 million. The figures will, however, be bolstered by those who view at a later date via iPlayer.

Episode four will see Reid and Harris feature again. Reid will be putting the all-electric Tesla Model X SUV through its paces, while Harris will be giving another supercar the review treatment. This time, it will be the £1.8 million, 800hp Aston Martin Vulcan.


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