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Scores of rabbits attacking cars at airport

Bunny rabbits are usually harmless creatures, but those big-eared balls of fur do have a mean streak. Loutish rabbits are creating havoc at Denver International Airport by chewing through ignition cables of vehicles sat in the airport’s car park, causing thousands of dollars in repair bills and disgruntling the hell out of returning travellers, Sky News reports.

Local wildlife workers are removing at least 100 bunnies every month in a bid to get on top of the problem but more drastic action is being considered. Ideas being touted include installing fencing, releasing predatory hawks and eagles and, oddly, recommending motorist smear their car in fox urine.

Illustrating the size of the problem, airport shuttle driver Michelle Anderson explained to KCNC-TV: “I see at least dozens every morning. They go hide under the cars and the cars are warm.”

Luckily for UK residents, the likelihood of animal damage is relatively slim, but there are some situations where our four-legged friends can cause damage.

Insurance companies often hear from motorists who’ve left a pet inside their car only to return and find their upholstery ripped or chewed. Farm animals such as bulls have been known to charge at vehicles, stray cats can get into a car via the sunroof and cause carnage, rodents will climb into the engine bay to get their fill of electrical wiring, some of which perish, leaving a horrific smell.

Fortunately for you and your car, animal ‘vandalism’ can be prevented with a few simple steps. Website Auto Insurance Now recommends starting your car frequently, keeping all windows closed, using a garage and not eating in the car, leaving food lying about.

Assuming all preventative measures have failed and your furry opponent was particularly determined, panic not. Animal damage is usually covered under a fully comprehensive insurance policy. Best to check the small print though, eh?

Source: Sky News
Image: Flickr


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