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Second Fisker Karma randomly catches fire in US

Another Fisker Karma has randomly caught fire in the US. The Finland-built plug-in hybrid reportedly burst into flames in a parking lot in Woodside, California. Owner Rudy Burger, who was out shopping at the time, returned to find the parked car was ablaze.

The Karma is hot property in more ways than one.
The Karma is hot property in more ways than one.

Website Jalopnik said Burger called Fisker as soon as he saw the flames. The company advised him, quite rightly, that he should be calling the emergency services instead.

Fortunately for the $100,000 vehicle and its owner, firefighters were able to put out the fire quickly but not before significant damage was done to the driver’s side and surrounding areas.

It’s interesting to note the lithium-ion battery pack and the two electric motors that drive the wheels are located down the centre of the vehicle, making it unlikely they were the root cause of the fire.

In a statement to Wired magazine, Fisker pointed out the same evidence. “Fisker understands damage was limited to the driver’s side front corner of the car, away from the lithium ion battery and electric motors. The car was not being charged at the time.”

“In an electric vehicle, immediate suspicion is focused on the battery and high voltage components. The location of the damage to the vehicle in this incident appears to rule out that suspicion. Fisker has not had any battery or high voltage fire incidents with any of its vehicles,’ the manufacturer added.

Fisker claims, via a press release, to have hired an “independent fire expert” to help with the investigation: “Fisker staff have been in contact with the customer and are investigating the cause of this incident. We are also employing an independent fire expert to assist the investigation. A further statement will be issued once the investigation has been completed and the cause determined.”

This marks the second Fisker Karma to randomly catch fire. The first reported instance occurred in Texas within minutes of the hybrid being parked in a home garage, setting fire to the main home. That fire is also still being investigated.

Celebrities who own a Karma Fisker include Justin Bieber and Matt Damon.
Check out a video of the fire below, and hope your car wasn’t the 4×4 next to it.


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