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Driver kills seven after divorce proceedings

A man in East China drove into and killed seven pedestrians after his divorce hearing.

A Chinese man killed seven people on Monday after deliberately mounting the pavement in Qingshi, Fuzhou. The 27-year-old ploughed his Lexus into a group of students and their families from a nearby primary school. Lin, from Changle, in Fuzhou City, was said to be upset by a court hearing for a divorce from his wife that same morning.

Mr Lin mounted the pavement, maiming a group of students and their families.
Mr Lin mounted the pavement, maiming a group of students and their families.

Lin injured 12 and killed seven, including three children. The victims, most of whom were on their lunch breaks, died at the scene.

Lin Jianxin admitted to police that he was distressed following the divorce proceedings. Despite this, staff from the divorce court commented that Lin had appeared stable, with no immediately obvious emotional upset after the hearing. Police will investigate the incident further before deciding on the charges.

This isn’t the first time we’ve told you about a driver using their car as a lethal weapon. In November 2013, Aquab Hussain deliberately drove his car into a group of men in Manchester, following a row outside a nightclub. Though there was no deaths, Hussain’s victims were badly injured and spent months in hospital.

Hussain was jailed for 20 years after being found guilty of four counts of attempted murder.







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