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Sex in the car is more popular than you think

It seems we are all guilty of a bit of hanky panky while on the road. Nearly nine out of every ten American men admitted to fooling around in the car at least once in their lives.

Women were only slightly less keen (or so they said), with 84 per cent owning up to performing indecent acts on wheels. Less than 10 per cent of all respondents said they had never fooled around, while nearly four per cent they hadn’t but were ‘open to it’.

An online survey of more than 500 American men and women looked at the connection between dating, attraction and choice of car. It found that 41 per cent of men and 27 per cent of women met someone special during a road trip.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, female respondents had a number of unflattering reasons why a man would have an expensive car. 35 per cent said it represented a lack of self-confidence, 29 per cent because of a lack of self-esteem and 20 per cent assumed it was to do with a smaller than average ‘member’.

Furthermore, 59 per cent said it made a man look like a ‘show off’ and 47 per cent said it labelled them as ‘arrogant’.

52 per cent of the ladies did, however, admit a fast or exotic car represented a man’s economic status, while 67 per cent said it portrayed an image of the man himself. 14 per cent said it made a person seem ‘sexual’.

Respondents said they would prefer their significant other to drive a ‘luxury car’ such as a Jaguar or Mercedes, followed by a ‘fast, modern import’ such as a BMW or Maserati. 

Oddly, given the US nature of the survey, the least popular car type of choice (2.64 per cent) was a late-model American car like a 2016 Dodge Challenger or 2015 Camaro. Exotics like an Aston Martin and Lamborghini were almost as unpopular, scoring a mere 3.4 per cent of votes.

Chief marketing officer Anthony Volpe of dating website AnastasiaDate, which commissioned the survey, said: “The nostalgia of a cool car, young love and exotic location is something that still resonates with many Americans across the board.

“This new data shows that Americans are a little more adventurous than one might imagine, but when it comes to romantic relationships, reliability becomes an important factor. Women want men who are stable, confident and secure, and a guy’s car is one of the most visible representations of this.”

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