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Shelby GT500 Sport Wagon is practical insanity

What do you do if you want a Shelby GT500, but need the practicality of an estate? You call on yacht builder Strand Craft, that’s what. The US company has just announced it will make a one-of-a-kind Shelby GT500 Sport Wagon, which promises to be the ultimate Ikea weapon. 

The Sport Wagon will borrow much of the original car’s running gear, but its 5.7-litre V8 has been cranked from 662bhp to a staggering 850bhp ─ nearly the same output as the GT500 Caroll Shelby edition. A 0 to 60mph time of 3.3 seconds is claimed. No top speed is given.

Further fettling will also happen in the cabin. Oodles of leather, Recaro seats and a seven-channel 1,000 watt high-end audio system from McIntosh should make the cockpit pretty appealing.

The image above is merely a digital render, which means the end result could look a bit different. We hope not, because the idea of a Shelby GT500 Sport Brake is strangely tempting. Perhaps it’s the Ferrari FF-esque bread van styling that does it for us?

Strand Craft’s previous creations include the 16,000bhp SC 166 ‘super yacht’ and the smaller, faster 14,000bhp SC 122. The latter will cost an estimated US$24 million when it goes on sale. Only six will be made.

Strand Craft has also built two supercars – the 800bhp SC 166 Tender and SC 122 Tender – that match the styling of their ocean-going siblings, and can be loaded onboard. 

Is a Shelby with a big bum blasphemous, or breathtaking? Let us know after you look at the original car (below) and the Sport Wagon concept (above).

Source and render: Strand Craft

Original image


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