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Singaporean apartment lets you park in your front room

Wealthy car owners in Singapore often have it all – a jet-set lifestyle, leggy admirers, plenty of cold, hard cash – but one commodity they often lack in the island country is somewhere to park their supercars.

A lack of parking spaces in Singapore has prompted one hotel to supply en-suite parking.
A lack of parking spaces in Singapore has prompted one hotel to supply en-suite parking.

Thankfully, a luxury apartment has come up with a hugely impressive parking solution.
Rather than asking its guests to park in a garage or outside on the street like poor people do, the recently developed high-rise Hamilton Parks apartment block allows you to park your car in your living room. No, seriously.

Anyone who can afford a flat, which cost anywhere between £6 million and £15 million, can use a car lift that will carry their car up to an ‘en suite garage’. This allows you to sit in your living room and give your collection of supercars an appreciative glance like the works of art they are.

Standard rooms can accommodate two cars, and pricier penthouse suites can park up to four.

Using the lift is pretty easy — even a footballer could do it. You simply roll up in your Lamborghini or Ferrari (Astons are also acceptable), park in the designated area, get out of your car and scan your finger on a biometric security system. Once it has identified who you are, the car is automatically moved to your apartment.

The lift also boasts bright neon lights so at night everyone in the vicinity can see your car descending from the sky. Now that’s what you call bling.

The brilliantly named Leny Suparman, Chief executive of KOP Properties, the company that built the Hamilton Parks hotel on Orchard Road, commented: “These buyers are very discerning. They’ve seen a lot, so they’re very exposed in the world, so they are looking for something that’s unique and different.”

“It’s done in such a way that it’s a museum showcase, it’s not just a car park,” he added.

It’s certainly impressive, its only drawback being the sheer length of time it takes for the lift to do its job. Expect lengthy waiting times if all fifty-six apartment owners decide to cruise the streets of Singapore at once. But, hey, what’s a few minutes when the world is clearly your Oyster card?  

Source: Daily Mail


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