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Skoda promotes Citigo with ‘Citihenge’ Stonehenge replica

Skoda is marking the arrival of the summer solstice and the launch of its Citigo compact car by building Citihenge — a replica of Stonehenge built entirely from scrap cars.

You can see citihenge at Potters Field in London or at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
You can see citihenge at Potters Field in London or at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The odd sculpture consists of eighteen scrap vehicles, which between them have completed a massive 1.9 million miles. The entire thing, which weighs 18 tonnes, was created by lead sculptor Tommy Gun and his design team over a period of three months. It was assembled on site at Potters Field, adjacent to Tower Bridge, in less than 12 hours.

The timing of the Citihenge reveal seems strange at first, but there’s a very deliberate, if rather tenuous point to it all. Every year at this time, thousands of revellers gather around Stonehenge to celebrate the summer solstice, to reflect on the past and to celebrate the dawn of a ‘new beginning’. With Citihenge, the past is represented by the old bangers painted to look like stones and the new beginning is that Skoda Citigo in the middle. 

“Citihenge symbolises the beginning of a new era of motoring and we hope drivers across the country will recognise this important turning point,” commented Peitro Panarisi. “The Citigo embodies the future of driving and is the smartest option for forward-thinking city drivers. While traditional cars struggle to perform well under the strain of city driving, the Citigo is designed to excel in the urban environment.

Tommy Gun said: “The Citihenge project has been the most amazing challenge. Stonehenge is a huge, iconic structure and the Citihenge replica is too. It is made entirely from old car parts, which taps into my own childhood growing up on a farm where I used to love building and creating things with pieces of discarded machinery.”

To see Citihenge for yourself, head over to Potters Field on the 19th and 20th of June, or in West Sussex at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from 28th June to 1st July.


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