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Skoda Rapid promises cheap, ubiquitous motoring

Skoda’s six-strong passenger car range has expanded to include a seventh model known as the Skoda Rapid. It sounds racy, but there’s no point getting your hopes up for hoonery. This new model is a sensible mid-sized saloon that will sit between the smaller Skoda Fabia and larger Skoda Octavia.

By 2020 cars like the Skoda Rapid will be everywhere.
By 2020 cars like the Skoda Rapid will be everywhere.

The Rapid is a car borne by the finance department rather than heart or soul of a design studio. It’s intended to slot into the so-called A-segment, which Skoda says accounts for around 36 per cent of the world’s automobile market. The company believes the number of cars of this size and shape — particularly in saloon form — will rise to about 50 per cent by the year 2020 and it’s making sure it grabs a piece.

So, our roads will be absolutely full of these things and cars just like it, but what we want to know is whether it’s any good. It looks decent enough. It’s fairly generic in shape, but the front end, features Skoda’s updated design language plus the new logo. As for the rear — it’s not mind-blowing, but neither will it induce rage.

The Rapid’s trump card will probably be the amount of internal space it offers relative to its exterior size. It’s 4.48 metres long and 1.7 metres wide, yet Skoda believes it provides enough room for five occupants and their luggage.

“This is a model which sets benchmarks in the compact saloon segment,” comented Skoda CEO Winfried Vhland. “The Skoda Rapid is a roomy, elegant and at the same time an affordable car for the whole family, impressing with clever solutions, cutting-edge technology and high economy.”

More on this badboy, including pricing and a full review, in the near future.


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