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Slowest A-roads in the UK revealed (and they are all in London)

The slowest A-roads in the UK have been revealed – and the top ten are all in London, according to Department for Transport figures analysed by the Mirror Newspaper.

The A407 Cricklewood Road in Barnet can lay claim to being the slowest of them all, with an average speed for motorists of 2.8mph at rush hour in June 2015 ─ around a normal walking pace.

Second place went to the northbound section of the A400 in Westminster, where cars crawl along at an average speed of 3.8mph. Third place, meanwhile, was the northbound A2203 in Greenwich with an average speed of 3.9mph.

The fastest of the UK’s worst morning commutes was the northbound A306 in Richmond upon Thames, but even it is almost glacial at 4.7mph.

Outside of London average speeds were significantly better, but with the northbound A6042 in Manchester taking the slowest road award outside of London, averaging 7.1mph, it’s still hardly cause for celebration.

Brighton’s southbound A2010 came in second place, with 7.3mph, while the eastbound A566 in Liverpool scored 7.7mph. In fact, every slow A-road outside of London managed an average speed below 10mph, with tenth place being the northbound A3039 in Bath and its 9.2mph average.

It’s hardly surprising London has the slowest roads, owing to the fact it is so densely populated and the capital. Nor is it surprising the worst places outside of London are city-based, but such low average speeds seem ridiculous. You really would be better of cycling or walking.

Things are likely to only get worse as the number of motorists on the road continues to increase. In fact, the average rush hour speed fell from 24.4mph in June 2014 to 23.8mph the same time a year later, according to the same report.

Luckily there are still some fast roads for those who like to get out of first and second gear, the fastest of which is the westbound A289 in Kent, which had an average of 62.9mph during the busiest time of day ─ 22 times faster than London’s slowest A-road.

Check out the full lists below.

The UK’s 10 worst morning commutes

1) A407 Westbound, Barnet -2.8 mph 
2) A400 Northbound, Westminster – 3.8 mph 
3) A2203 Northbound, Greenwich – 3.9 mph 
4) A3220 Northbound, Wandsworth – 4.2 mph 
5) A5201 Westbound, Islington – 4.4 mph 
6) A10 Southbound, City of London – 4.5 mph 
7) A1202 Southbound, Tower Hamlets – 4.6 mph 
8) A306 Eastbound, Hammersmith and Fulham – 4.6 mph 
9) A40 Westbound, Camden – 4.7 mph 
10) A306 Northbound , Richmond upon Thames – 4.7 mph

The 10 worst commutes outside London

1) A6042 Northbound, Manchester – 7.1 mph 
2) A2010 Southbound, Brighton – 7.3 mph 
3) A566 Eastbound, Liverpool – 7.7 mph 
4) A6005 Eastbound, Nottinghamshire -8.1 mph 
5) A34 Southbound, Sandwell – 8.2 mph 
6) A5186 Southbound, Salford – 8.3 mph 
7) A6042 Southbound, Manchester – 8.6 mph 
8) A2010 Northbound, Brighton – 8.8 mph 
9) A5048 Northbound, Liverpool – 8.8 mph 
10) A3039 Northbound, Bath – 9.2mph


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