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Smart Forstars concept doubles as drive-in cinema

Smart has been showing off a concept known as Forstars that can double up as a mobile cinema, thanks a video projector built into the bonnet.

Smart's new concept packs a built-in video projector.
Smart’s new concept packs a built-in video projector.

The sports utility coupe, SUC for short, is designed to ferry two people around with plenty of stowage space while providing the passenger and driver a view of the stars through a glass roof, hence the name Forstars. And if you find an empty wall to park in front of, or you get stuck behind a large lorry in traffic, you can enjoy a movie like in the good-old days of drive-in cinemas.

Based on the Smart-for-us concept from the Detroit Motor Show, the Smart Forstars looks a bit, well, peculiar. It sports a number of strange aesthetic flourishes including a translucent ‘spoiler’ above the windscreen that looks a bit like the brim of a cap. Above the headlights of this pecular-looking concept are ‘eyebrows’ that make the Forstars concept look slightly annoyed with the world and, if you look carefully, the bonnet scoop hides the aforementioned video projector.

Being a concept car, the Forstars rides on a futuristic drivetrain, borrowing the motor from the Brabus electric drive concept. It’s a 60kW magneto-electric unit capable of producing a healthy 135Nm of torque.

A 17.6kWh lithium ion battery should allow a range of roughly 75 miles – 25 miles less than the Nissan Leaf but on par with the DS3 Electrum, and it can be charged by a domestic socket in seven hours, or one hour if you have access to some rapid charging facilities, which you probably don’t.

A top speed of 84mph is promised, which is hardly slow given how congested much of the UK is, but the hefty torque figure will see the Forstars SUC outdo a surprising number of rivals at the lights.

Inside is a futuristic cabin that comes in almost eye-melting mother-of-pearl and red. A bracket at the top of the windscreen houses a smartphone that works with a rear-mounted camera to function as a rear view mirror. When you’re not checking out the hot blonde in the car behind you, the smartphone doubles up as the controls for your movie playback.

Smart won’t ever build the thing, but we think it’s a fun idea regardless.

Smart Forstars 2
Smart Forstars 2
Smart Forstars 3
Smart Forstars 3
Smart Forstars 4
Smart Forstars 4

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