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Solar-powered Ford C-Max concept lets you charge using the sun’s rays

New solar-powered C-Max Solar Energi Concept will reduce recharge times, Ford Claims.

Ford has created a solar-powered hybrid concept that will harness the rays of the sun for propulsion purposes. The Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept, which is expected to be shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas later in January, has solar panels on the roof that convert solar energy into electric energy, recharging the car’s battery in the process. 

Details are scant but we do know Ford has used “a special solar concentrator lens” that basically intensifies the sun through magnification. You sickos out there who’ve ever burnt ants with a magnifying glass will recognise the principle. 

Ford says the C-Max Solar Energi Concept could, in theory, get a day’s worth of energy simply from being parked in direct sunlight, perhaps in a parking bay, reducing the need for overnight charges. 

Solar-powered cars are not a new concept, but technology limitations mean they have never really taken off in a mainstream form. Even home solar panels are relatively rare, owing to their high installation costs and limited power returns.

Currently there’s no word on whether the weather-harnessing Ford will ever make it to production. We hope it does, not least because it could make electric and hybrid vehicles more desirable. It could also ease the strain on our power plants and reduce the amount of CO2 generated in the process of creating electricity.

Expect to hear more when CES 2014 starts on January 7th and ends January 10th in Las Vegas. Until then, you can check out our Ford C-Max Energi first drive.


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