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Some UK Petrol pumps give out free fuel

It’s annoying when you accidentally go one pence over a nice round number when filling up, but don’t complain too much — you might actually be getting more fuel than you pay for.

Petrol pumps may be giving more fuel than they charge you for.
Petrol pumps may be giving more fuel than they charge you for.

Research from the AA found some fortunate drivers have been getting 4.4 per cent more fuel than is shown on the pump, equating to an extra six pence per litre in free fuel.

Edmund King, president of the AA, told the Independent: “Following concern from members, the AA carried out preliminary tests at a handful of fuel stations to see if there were grounds for a more comprehensive survey. Not only did all the pumps dispense at least the right amount, but most gave even more.”

The result is what King describes as a ‘lucky dip’ scenario where some drivers have been gettign more at the pumps than they pay for. It’s excellent news for cash-stripped Brits who are already paying obscene amounts of money just to be on the road, but reportedly the issue isn’t that widespread.

The AA said its trading standards officers have found issues at 11 of 216 pumps in Derby, four out of 38 in Cumbria and two out of 353 in Newport, South Wales.

King also reminded us how expensive fuel has become, even if you are benefitting from faulty pump measurement equipment. “Petrol this week averaged 134.17p a litre — two years ago, it was 116.60p,” he pointed out.

Fuel pump discrepancies are said to be the result of forecourts mixing new and old pump systems caused by a push towards the EU’s Measuring Instruments Directive that will come into force in October of 2016.

Still, it makes a change from people stealing petrol from you in broad daylight. If you think you’ve been affected, let us know in the comments below.


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