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Somebody just turned their Lamborghini Aventador into a Donald Trump election poster

American president wannabe Donald Trump may not seem the most likely theme for a car paintjob, but that didn’t stop one owner of a Lamborghini Aventador.

The 691hp Lamborghini Aventador features Trump’s face on the bonnet and various slogans across the car including “you’re fired” – a nod to his days on the American version of The Apprentice. It was wrapped by wrapping specialists Superior Auto Design.

Patriotism is a big theme for the ‘Trumpventador’, which features the red, white and blue colours of America’s star-spangled flag. It will be out and about in public as part of the 2016 Gold Rush Rally, which starts in Boston and ends in Los Angeles.

It is unknown who owns the Lamborghini Aventador but their political alignment is clear. Or perhaps it’s just a troll with deep pockets?

Mr Trump has been dividing opinion since claiming he will stop Muslims entering the US, will build a wall to keep Mexicans out and that he would never rule out nuking other countries, including old Blighty.

No wonder, then, he’s been publically attacked by many high profile figures including new London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Prime Minister David Cameron and fellow presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton.

The only thing scarier than Trump in charge of the world’s biggest US superpower is knowing someone out there thought this was a good idea. Poor, poor Lamborghini.

Truth be told, this is not the first time a car has been ruined in the name of American politics. There’s a black Corvette Z06 kicking dedicated to Bernie Sanders. We now await the arrival of the Clinton LaFerrari.

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