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Star Wars droids appear in commercial for Toyota Prius Plug-In hybrid

Star Wars characters have been used to flog just about every piece of merchandise in the known universe and we can now add electric cars to that list. That’s right, everyone’s favourite droids, C3PO and R2D2 have starred side by side in a Japanese spot promoting the Toyota Prius Plug-In hybrid.

Cynical marketing ploy, or genius advert?
Cynical marketing ploy, or genius advert?

The robots in the commercial look familiar, but as you’ll see from the video below, they sound a little strange. Here, C3PO speaks in Japanese, while R2 converses using his usual assortment of bleeps, whistles and chirps.

We have no idea what they’re on about, but according to Green Car Reports, their conversation maintains the familiar dynamic that we’re used to from the films, with C3PO being his usual whiny self and R2 buzzing smart-alec responses.

Apparently, when C3PO sees the plug-in hybrid’s charging lead, he asks the little droid if the connector belongs to him. The car then rolls into view and the penny suddenly drops. He then asks R2 if he needs a quick top up, before suggesting that he too might need a blast of charge.

The pair even have a chat about range anxiety, with C3PO saying “Your hometown? That’s too far, the batteries won’t last!” R2 confidently reminds the shiny humanoid that once the Prius’ battery pack is exhausted, it can carry on for several hundred miles on petrol power using the car’s internal combustion engine.

C3PO then engages in his usual much ado about nothing by saying he’s more worried about his batteries running flat.

The advert looks great and is a stroke of marketing genius on Toyota’s part. It almost makes electric cars cool. You can watch the ad for yourself by hitting play in the video below.

Feedback, translations, and horror at your favourite droids being used in an avertising campaign can be left, as ever, in the comments below or on Facebook.


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