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Start your car with Siri using SmartStart

If you’re anything like us, you’ll appreciate the concept of Siri, but will no doubt be a little disappointed with the reality of Apple’s voice-activated butler. Often, it doesn’t have the answer to your questions and occasionally it won’t understand what you’re on about in the first place.

Now you can make like James Bond and start your car using voice commands.
Now you can make like James Bond and start your car using voice commands.

Every now and then, however – Siri redeems itself. Take, for example, its compatibility with the latest version of Viper SmartStart – an app that allows you to start, control or find your car using your smartphone. SmartStart 3.01 integrates with Siri, allowing you to open or even start your car using a voice command.

To use it, you’ll need a Viper SmartStart kit, which consists of a module you connect to your vehicle, the smartphone app, iOS 6 (it’s available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry) and a subscription starting from around $49.99 for a year’s usage.

Unfortunately, while SmartStart has tonnes of functionality – it can lock and unlock your car, activate and deactivate your alarm, release the boot, activate your alarm’s panic feature, activate your stereo, open your car windows, select custom suspension modes – it’s only possible to assign a Siri voice command to one function.

This being the case, vehicle start is by far the flashiest, most impressive function and is the best way to pretend you’re James Bond whilst on a date.

Have a gander at the video below to see the system in action and, if you live in the US, head over to Viper’s Web site to check out the company’s wares.


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