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Thief steals a car with a baby inside

A car thief got more than he bargained for when he attempted to drive off in a stolen motor – a 14-month-old baby in the back seat.

Reports say the thief targeted a Renault Scenic while a mother was making a delivery in her hometown of Tiverton in Devon on Saturday 1st June. The thief struck when the woman left her daughter standing outside the car and her five-year-old nephew and a third child in a car seat in the back of the unlocked vehicle.

One car thief got more than he bargained for: A baby.
One car thief got more than he bargained for: A baby.

For reasons unknown, the thief pulled the five-year-old nephew out of the car via one of the rear doors before speeding off, having failed to notice the baby in the child seat.

Obviously not wanting to add child abduction to his list of crimes, or perhaps because of a change of heart, the man made his way back to the scene of the crime at Kings Street to dump the baby and child seat on the pavement.

He then reportedly told passers-by the baby had been abandoned before jumping back into the car and speeding off once more.

The Renault Scenic was involved in a collision with bollards later that day. “The vehicle was in collision with a bollard at St Pauls Close, causing significant damage but the suspect continued to drive,” a spokesman for the Devon and Cornwall Police told Sky News.

The vehicle, registered HN11 YAN, is still missing. “Police units and a helicopter were called out but despite substantial searches of the area, the vehicle has not been found,” the spokesman added.

A 47-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident and is currently being held in custody in Exeter pending a police interview.

In a similar turn of events, a man stole an SUV with a baby in the back in northwest Atlanta. The car thief managed to drive off, even though the mother jumped on the roof of the vehicle in a bid to stop him. As luck would have it, the SUV was found abandoned in a nearby parking lot with the child sat in the back…

Source: Sky News 
Image: Flickr 

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