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Steve Jobs wanted to build an Apple iCar

The late, great Steve Jobs was nothing if not ambitious. Not content with taking over the vast majority of the consumer electronics world, the former Apple honcho was also considering creating an Apple iCar.

Steve Jobs wanted to create an Apple car, but what would it have looked like?
Steve Jobs wanted to create an Apple car, but what would it have looked like?

The news was revealed by Apple board member Mickey Drexler, who, speaking at a Fast Company conference, said, “Look at the car industry; it’s a tragedy in America. Who’s designing the cars? Steve’s dream before he died was to design an iCar.”

Sadly, the idea never progressed beyond dream status, but if it had, Drexler believes it could have been a real money spinner. In his words, the iCar “would’ve probably been 50 per cent of the market.”

Naturally, the revelation has piqued our interest and got us thinking what an Apple iCar would look like. It would obviously have to be all-aluminium, though a Unibody approach might not be the best strategy. If you were to crash the thing and bend small piece such as the bumper, a Unibody construction would mean you’d have to replace the entire body.

The car’s interior would be minimalist, but bewildering. It’d probably have to be controlled via some weird gesture-based touch mechanism instead of a steering wheel. You wouldn’t be able to see out of the windscreen, either. It’d be too glossy and reflective for a start, but on the flip side, the entire thing would probably work as sort of augmented reality display.

Siri would probably play a crucial role. The infuriating voice recognition system would sometimes be useful in helping reduce the number of incidents of using a handheld mobile phone while driving, but would surely cause an exponential increase in the number of incidents of road rage.

Let us know what you think an Apple iCar should look like in our comments section below or on Facebook. Would it have been a family car? Sports tourer? A weird-looking electric buggy or something completely new?

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