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Subaru teases BRZ STi

Good news, hoon monkies; it looks as if Subaru is going to slap its sporty STI badge, usually reserved for its fastest, most aggressive rides, on its excellent BRZ rear-wheel drive sports car.

Images released by Subaru’s Japanese STi website suggest the car is already in development, although details are scarce. Subaru is not commenting on the car in an official capacity so all we have to go on are a few teaser images showing a few strategically-positioned STi badges on the car’s bodywork. 

Previous STi Scoobies have been blessed with sportier styling than their bog standard counterparts, so it’s likely the BRZ will feature a bodykit, a larger spoiler like that of the BRZ concept car, bigger brakes, bigger alloys and a revised interior.

Subaru’s Tetsuya Tada has previously hinted that a sportier BRZ is a distinct possibility but dismissed the idea of a turbocharged engine due to space limitations in the engine bay (not enough room for an intercooler). However he has said supercharging was a possibility.

There are also reports of an F1-style KERS system, which would allow the driver to unleash a bit of stored energy for overtaking.

Until we know more, feast your eyes on the leaked images below.

Via: AutoCar 


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