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Survey reveals most and least reliable superminis

Superminis have always been popular among city folk thanks to their lower running costs, but not all are created equal, a recent survey by Which? has revealed.

The Toyota IQ is the least reliable supermini on the road, according to Which?
The Toyota IQ is the least reliable supermini on the road, according to Which?

Of all the supermini-owning Which? readers that took part in the survey, those with a Toyota iQ had most cause for complain, indicating it is the least reliable model in the category. The Japanese run-about was actually one of the top three most reliable superminis in Which’s 2011 survey, but recalls towards the second half of that year have seen the iQ slip in 2012 with a reliability score of 66.3 per cent and an average annual repair cost of £126.

The Smart ForTwo didn’t fare much better, achieving a score of 69.2 per cent with average repair costs of £55. Which? said the car’s reliability was an ongoing concern and that if you depend on a car this model should be avoided. Other cars worth shunning included the Vauxhall Corsa, Skodia Fabia, and Alfa Romeo MiTo, which racked up a reliability score of 81.7 per cent and an annual repair cost of £90.

The top five most reliable superminis fared much better. The Citroen C1 achieved a 96.9 per cent, reliability score and averaged £8 a year in repairs. Grandmothers’ favourite, the Honda Jazz, wasn’t far off with 96 per cent and a mere £12 in annual repairs. The Ford Fiesta, Kia Picanto and Renault Clio all covered themselves in glory, too.

If you are in the market for something a little smaller than your current car – or perhaps you are now worried about your Smart ForTwo falling to bits — it looks like the C1 is definitely worth a look.

Source: Which?

Superminis 0-3 years old
Model Fuel Type Average annual repair cost Reliability score
Top 5
Citroën C1 (05-) ALL £8 96.9%
Honda Jazz (08-) ALL £12 96.0%
Kia Picanto (04-11) ALL £5 95.0%
Ford Fiesta (08-) D £20 94.3%
Renault Clio (05-) P £13 94.0%
Bottom 5
Alfa Romeo MiTo (08-) ALL £90 81.7%
Skoda Fabia (07-) D £23 81.2%
Vauxhall Corsa (06-) D £66 80.6%
Smart ForTwo (07-) ALL £55 69.2%
Toyota iQ (08-) ALL £126 66.3%



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