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Suspect package destroyed after bomb scare at Monaco Grand Prix

A suspect package has been destroyed in a controlled explosion at the Monaco Grand Prix circuit on Thursday night, the BBC reports.

McLaren's new prototype racing suits were a bit unwieldy.
McLaren’s new prototype racing suits were a bit unwieldy.

The package, a small white plastic box, was discovered unattended and unaccounted for outside the entrance to the Salle d’Exposition, the circuit’s media centre, near the tight 180-degree right hand corner at La Rascasse.

Local police had closed off the entrance to the media centre at around 9.45 local time, and evacuated journalists through a rear entrance. The area was then sealed off while the bomb disposal expert examined the package, which was eventually declared suspect.

Several bystanders, including journalists, had gathered near La Rascasse, but were ordered to retreat for their safety. The package was then wired with explosives and destroyed in a controlled explosion.

Details of the contents of the package have not been revealed. However the explosion caused a loud detonation, which resulted in shards of white plastic debris being strewn across the floor.

The Monaco Grand Prix is making a habit attracting suspect packages of late. Last year, bomb disposal experts had to be called when a discarded bag was found in the paddock, although it was eventually declared safe.

Friday’s practice session will go ahead as planned.

Image: The Hurt Locker.


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