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Sway Motorsport three-wheeler is a lean machine

Sway Lithium three-wheeler revealed at CES 2014. Can we have a go now?

Sway Motorsports has been busy showing off a clever three-wheeler compact all-electric vehicle. The contraption, which uses a linkage system to allow leaning, is designed to provide “the thrill and manoeuvrability of motorcycling without the same risk of falling”.

Reports say Sway Motorsports has been working on the three-wheeler for a number of years. Two versions are currently in beta testing, the Sway Basic and Sway Lithium. The former is powered by a lead acid battery-while the latter gets a ‘LiFoPo4’ battery.

Both models can be recharged in 3.5 hours, feature LED lighting for use at night and run on an 8kWh electric motor. The Sway Basic is heavier at 280lbs, has a lower top speed of 35mph and has a range of 20 miles, while the Sway Lithium weighs 220lbs, can do 60mph and has a range of 40 miles.

The Sway Lithium offers a number of benefits over a typical two-wheeler. It has three disc brakes, which equates to 50 per cent more braking power, and when stationary there’s no need to put your foot down. It can also fit in most motorcycle spaces thanks to a svelte width of 35 inches.

A US$100 deposit will secure you either version of the Sway if you have been swayed to buy one. The Sway Basic and Sway Lithium cost US$4,999 and $US7,999, respectively. Not as cheap as a scooter then, but it could save you a few quid on fuel if you own one long enough.

Whether the Sway will be classed as a bike or car in the UK remains to be seen. Assuming it makes it over to old Blighty at all. Sales will begin in the US state of California.

The final price is estimated and subject to change. Deliveries are scheduled for the spring of 2015.

While on the subject of three wheels being better than two, Toyota has been working on its own interpretation of the three-wheeler known as the iRoad.



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