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Talking parking ticket politely chastises motorists

For most people, getting a yellow parking notice on your windscreen usually means a big fine. However a British company has developed a new form of parking notice that, rather than dishing out an instant fine, can deliver a spoken message telling you in no uncertain terms never to park there again.

The idea behind the talking parking ticket is simple: It allows private parking firms to issue custom verbal warnings that let the motorist of the hook while warning them against future infringements. It’s not all good news, though, the talking tickets can also inform motorists, in a friendly (or unfriendly) manner, that their details could be sought from the DVLA, and that they can expect a fine in the post.

Costas Constantinou, the brains behind the technology, said: “The flexibility of this verbal delivery method allows issuers to be as stern or as straightforward as they see fit depending on the situation.”
Future versions of the system will reportedly allow drivers who have been been issued ticket to respond with their own recorded message, giving the company a good (or bad) excuse as to why they parked illegally in the first time.

Not everyone is sold on the idea. In fact, director of the RAC Foundation Professor Stephen Glaister told the Telegraph newspaper: ““For drivers already nagged to death by their satnavs this is the last thing they will want to hear if they have been slapped with a ticket.

He added: “Perhaps the words should be replaced with soothing music. How about Money for Nothing by Dire Straits?”

Source and image: Telegraph 


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