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Taxi drivers warned not to accept sexual favours

Taxi drivers in Hartlepool have been warned not to accept sexual favours instead of fares.

A taxi driver in Hartlepool was caught having sex in the back of his cab. Reports say the female passenger was unable to afford the fare and had offered an alternative payment method. Since the incident, taxi drivers in the area have been warned to keep their snake in their trousers and not accept sexual favours instead of money.

The Council wrote to dozens of taxi firms in the North East warning them they could lose their jobs if caught. The offering of sexual favours from female passengers, according to the drivers, is very common in the area.

Since being caught with his trousers down, quite literally, the cabby has since had his taxi driver’s licence revoked by council officials.

“It does not surprise me at all, it is very common for girls to ask if they can perform a sex act when they are short of cash,” an unnamed taxi firm employee commented.

Another added: “It’s not uncommon for some of the lasses to offer the drivers things other than a fare when they make their way home from a night out. We have heard a few tales like this one. Normally this type of request gets laughed off by the drivers, but obviously temptation got the better of one of the lads.”

The letter the Council sent out included the following: “I would ask you to ensure that any driver that works for you fully understands that any sexual contact with a passenger is unacceptable and is likely to result in the revocation of their licence.”

“Any offers of sexual favours must be politely refused,” the letter concluded.

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