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Teenage dad’s honest Renault Clio eBay auction hits £7million

£7million. That’s the current bid on a 2005 Renault Clio on eBay after a dad’s eBay listing for his teenage son’s car went viral.

Father Nigel Stewart-Stone outlines the condition of the 1.2-litre Clio Dynamique 16V, which is located in Newton Abbot in Devon, in his blissfully honest eBay listing:

“This car belonged to my 19 year old son, who now has a new car, I can only apologise for the state of it, clearly he will treat his new one the same.

“The clutch is now slipping, again he did not know this, as loud music is the preferred thing, and could not hear it slipping, just wondered why it took him longer to get up a hill!!! Still, there is enough clutch left to get you home, I think?” 

The advert goes on to mention various dents, the mating habits of the teenage son, how the back was used as a dustbin for McDonalds litter and that there’s probably zero oil and water in the engine because the son failed to maintain the car.

“Surprisingly the electric windows still work well, considering the amount of times they go up and down calling to his mates, and great banter with the passing girls, many of whom have been taken for rides in the car, which may explain the passenger seat not moving back and forth anymore, still makes it hard for them to escape his deafening music.” 

It’s no wonder the eBay listing was picked up by websites and newspapers across the world, which has lead to a series of utterly ridiculous bids in the millions – with three days left until bidding closes.

“Can I just say the lovely response I have got from this advert, from all over the world, it has put a smile on my face, and i’m so pleased its put a smile on yours,” Nigel said in an update to the listing.

“Clearly judging from the bidding it will not be sold for this rather large amount, but that’s ok keep bidding for fun, im glad everyone likes it.

“However, I would like to now get what I can for the car and give it to charity (of the purchasers choice) what they do with the car will be up to them, may be drop it from a large height? and condemn it for good, perhaps Jeremy Clarkson could help?”

Nigel has since approached eBay to see if the auction website would offer a charitable donation for the Renault Clio. It is unclear whether the offer has been accepted.


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