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Teenage girl leaps out of moving car to her death

Teenagers falling out with their parents is a common occurrence. For one family, however, it ended in tragedy.

16-year-old Laikyn Field of North Vernon in Indiana, USA, had allegedly been arguing with her parents when she jumped out of the moving vehicle to her death.

Local police are currently trying to get to the bottom of what sparked the conflict. Investigating officer county sheriff Mike Carothers told local news outlet WLKY: “We’re trying to make sure and try and find out what was going on at the time when she got out of the vehicle, whether there was an argument.”

“We hear a lot of things. We just need to get to the bottom and find out exactly what did occur,” he added.

The teenager, who had reportedly been the victim of bullying online and off, suffered serious injuries after her head collided with the pavement. She had been travelling with her stepfather and mother at the time.

“There was an unbearable amount of cyber bullying, and remarks about her on a daily basis,” an anonymous poster on the Indiana Columbuzz blog claimed.

Miss Field was airlifted 60 miles to a hospital in Indianapolis where she was later pronounced dead. Reports say her she passed away surrounded by her loved ones.

Her real dad was notified later about the passing of his daughter.

Source: AOL

Image: Facebook


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