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Tesla Model S passes crash testing, gets official release date

The Tesla Model S is officially on its way. The company’s brilliantly-named CEO, Elon Musk, today confirmed the car has passed safety tests and can now be sold to the public. 

Tesla Motors will hand over the first Model S keys in June.
Tesla Motors will hand over the first Model S keys in June.

The Model S breezed through its National Highway Traffic Safety Aministration crash tests, scoring 5 stars. Deliveries to the first customers will commence on June 22nd. 

If you fancy charting the progress of the launch, you’ll need to head over to Tesla’s Web site. There, the company plans to roll out a new series of blog posts called “Inside Tesla”, where every Tuesday from now until the start of the first deliveries, it will post updates with new video and images highlighting a specific element of the manufacturing process.

You’ll be able to see how the company’s robots position major sections of the car, how its presses transform aluminium rolls into body panels and battery enclosures and how the paint booths apply a shiny finish to each Model S.

The first 1,000 Model S cars off the production line will be part of the limited-edition Signature Series, all of which will feature 300-mile range batteries and plenty of options. Once those are snapped up, Tesla will offer a choice of three Model S cars capable of 300-, 230- or 160-mile ranges. They’ll cost $77,000, $67,000 and $57,000 respectively, with an additional $7,500 reduction in price thanks to the US government’s electric car scheme.

It’s unclear how much the Model S will cost in Sterling, or when it’ll arrive in the UK but don’t’ expect it to retail for anything less than £40,000.

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