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Is Tesla Motors bullying UK firm Ecotricity for Supercharger space?

Tesla Motors stands accused of bullying a UK-based electric car charging company in its quest to secure locations for its network of Supercharger charging stations.

Tesla and Ecotricity had been working together to establish a network of solar-powered rapid charging stations with the ultimate aim of allowing Tesla’s electric vehicles to drive long distances across the UK with only minimal recharge times. However, Ecotricity understands Tesla has been using knowledge gleaned from the partnership to approach Ecotricity’s partners direclty in a bid to break exclusivity. 

The electric car maker is accused of backstabbing for Supercharger territory
The electric car maker is accused of backstabbing for Supercharger territory

In response, Ecotricity has filed for an injunction to stop Tesla progressing with its allegedly unethical use of shared information. Ecotricity founder Dale Vince said: “We are shocked and disappointed that a company like Tesla, with its aura of new world technology and challenger brand status, could behave in such an old world way – shame on them and shame on Elon Musk.”

Tesla Motors has yet to comment on the Ecotricity’s claims. 

The company has a network of 100 Superchargers across the US, which can supply a full battery charge to its Model S electric vehicles in as little as 30 minutes. The network was designed to allow electric car owners to travel long distances with relatively fast top-up times.

Right-hand-drive versions of the Tesla Model S are due to hit UK roads from next month. Tesla Motors intends to open the first part of its Supercharger network at the same time, though legal wrangling may well delay this.


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