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Tesla Supercharger network lets you drive from Mexico to Canada for free

One of the downsides of electric car ownership is the pitiful range, but that’s not such an issue if you happen to own a Tesla Model S. The electric car manufacturer has officially opened a network of charging points that allow owners to drive all the way from Mexico to Canada — for free.

The route that runs between San Diego in California to Vancouver in British Columbia – a whopping 1,750 mile trip – is now served by a number of electric chargers known as Superchargers. These specially designed outlets provide 120 kW of direct current, which is enough to half charge the Tesla Model S’ sizable battery in 20 minutes.

This new network of chargers means, according to Tesla, 87 per cent of Oregon and Washington owners are now within 200 miles of a Supercharger ─ within the operating range of even the smallest 60kWh Model S battery size. This means you could travel from Mexico to Canada for free, minus depreciation and wear and tear, of course.

Tesl says 99 per cent of those living in California (the state in which Tesla is based) are within 200 miles of a charger.

Tesla has located the Supercharging outlets at roadside diners, shopping centres and cafes so owners can have a quick-ish coffee or do some shopping while their swanky Model S charges in peace.

The Tesla Model S recently went on sale in the UK, with a new retail store opened in the Westfield shopping centre in Shepherds Bush to celebrate the occasion. Deliveries of the right-hand model will begin in Spring 2014.

No word on whether the three-year buyback leasing scheme, which allows a buyer to sell their Tesla Model S back at the residual value of an equivalent Mercedes S Class, will be brought to the UK.

The Tesla Model S is expected to cost upwards of £55,000, depending on the specified battery size and optional extras.

Source: Tesla

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