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The 12,000lb robot that can destroy cars

Sometimes every petrolhead needs to take a break from cars and what better way to do that than with a 12,000lb hunk of metal that could turn any four-wheeler into a pile of bits?

Known as Megabot Mark 2, the gigantic metal construction takes two people to pilot and, as the video watched more than 1.8 million times demonstrates, has rather big guns. So big, in fact, it can fire 3lb balls of paint at speeds in excess of 100mph.

That may seem like a copout compared with actual bullets, missiles and other projectiles of death but in actual fact the brightly coloured splats do serious damage to cars that stand in Megabot’s way. Let’s just say getting hit by one will more than sting a bit.

The team behind the robot has decided to celebrate the 4th of July (that’s independence day, folks) by challenging the world’s first fighting robot to a duel to a paint-based death, Japan’s 9,000lb Kuratas. The battle date laid down by the Americans is one year from now, assuming the Japanese rise to the challenge.

Megabot Inc said in the YouTube video description: “SUIDOBASHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES! MegaBots, Inc. challenges you to a duel! You have a giant robot, we have a giant robot – we have a duty to the science fiction lovers of this world to fight them to the death.”

Exactly what would happen when “America’s first fully functional giant piloted robot” will do to another robot remains unclear, but it should make for entertaining viewing. Watch the video below.

Megabot Mark 2 robot video


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