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The £85 Uber ride that took a 35-mile detour

One women from London was slapped with an £85 UberX fare for a journey that should have only taken ten minutes.

Comedian Hannah Warman decided to get an Uber to her home after attending a friend’s party because she thought it would be “safer”. During what felt like an unusually long journey, she fell asleep and thought nothing of it.

Roll on the next day and Warman was informed how much the Uber ride cost. Turns out, the unnamed driver had taken her on a 90-minute, 35-mile detour all around London that ended up costing 85 British pounds.

Warman told the Independent newspaper: “The journey was only a five or ten minute walk, but decided to get an Uber because it was late and I thought it’d be safer. I had been drinking a bit and must have fell asleep. I remember thinking it was taking a while, but I assumed maybe it was a new driver and he was lost.

“I’m usually nice to cab drivers so was very forgiving when I thought that might be the case. I was so tired that I went straight to bed when I got home.

“It wasn’t until the next morning, when I received an emailed receipt showing the route, that I realised what had happened.”

Warman initially thought the whole debacle was “hilarious”, but was later freaked out and said her loyalty to Uber had been damaged. “They weren’t very apologetic – they said nothing about giving the driver a warning or anything.

“Before I thought I could trust Uber. I felt it was the safe option and it gave me reassurance about getting home along as a woman. But now that’s gone.”

Uber gave Warman a refund and has launched an investigation into what happened. It believes the lengthy detour could be down to “two streets with the same name”. Warman disagreed: “I can’t see how it could have been a mistake,” she added.

Without knowing what road Warman was taken to, an honest mistake on the part of the driver could well be the reason. Then again, this is not the first time Uber has faced criticism over safety.

Uber recently announced it will be introducing scheduled rides, a move that was ruled out by its CEO a year ago. Customers will be able to book a car from between 15 minutes and 30 days before a journey and Uber will organise the driver.


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