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The boat with a 1,100hp Rolls-Royce engine

British-built Aerobat super yacht has the engine of a Spitfire plane and a top speed of 109mph.

Writing about a boat may seem strange for a car-oriented website, but stick with us. The Aeroboat day boat borrows inspiration from aeroplanes, boats, cars and there’s even a whiff of the children’s 1960s television show, Stingray. It should therefore appeal to anyone who’s a fan of vehicles — full stop.

Claydin Reeves designed the Aeroboat
Claydin Reeves Aeroboat

The Claydon Reeves-designed Aeroboat ‘super yacht’, of which just 12 will be built, has a very special engine. A detuned Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 provides a staggering 1,100hp, giving it a top speed of between 86 and 109mph (75 to 95 knots). Slow for a car but extremely fast for a boat of this size.

The Merlin V12 is special because it powered the Supermarine Spitfire, which Britain used to great effect during World War II. We’re not talking a reproduction either. Each engine has ‘documented provenance’ to prove it spent its former life defending the skies while a pilot fought for king and country.

Much of the retro-meets-futuristic styling inspiration comes from the Spitfire fighter, including the throttle and switch gear and the shock-mounted forward seats, the latter of which is said to be a nod towards the Spitfire’s landing gear. There’s no disputing Captain Troy Tempest would own this boat.

The 14.64m Aeroboat is entirely British-built. Various materials help it look and play the part, including carbon fibre, kevlar and even a spot of wood veneer. Should you want a particular look and finish, you only have to ask ─ the owner can configure interior trim, engine specifications and exterior finishes. So, in theory, you could get the RAF roundel for that authentic British look.

Anyone who wants to see the sea-going vessel in the flesh should attend the Salute to Style summer garden party at The Hurlingham Club on July 16th to July 19th. The cheapest ticket is £49.20, in case you were wondering. Considerably cheaper than the £2million to £3million asking price for the Aeroboat.

Check out pictures of the beautiful vessel below and hope you win the lottery.

Aeroboat pictures


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