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The car shampoo that does away with water

Want to clean your car but worried about water wastage or lack access to a hosepipe? Smart Polish Pro has cooked up a Great British solution that may be the answer.

Research from the Car Wash Association (yes, that is a thing) says cleaning a car at home uses up to 480 litres of water, making it a wasteful process. There is also the issue of certain nasty car chemicals making their way into the water supply.

To combat this, Smart Polish Pro has come up with a British-designed formula it cunningly calls ‘#ZeroH2O’ that requires no water whatsoever to work. So people who live in urban areas without a hosepipe or pressure washer can still keep their car nice and shiny.

One 500ml bottle is said to be good for six car or 18 motorcycle washes and contains a biodegradable formula with no irritants or paintwork-damaging chemicals. Removing especially difficult dirt, such as tree sap or bird droppings, is said to be no problem.

The Waterless Wash & Wax car shampoo is applied using a microfibre on a panel by panel basis before a second cloth is used to buff the surface and give it a shine. The use of Carnauba wax helps repel water after the wash so it retains a clean appearance for longer.

Though the odd few chemicals making it into the water supply may seem insignificant, apparently there are 19,000 unregulated hand wash car sites in the UK. No wonder, then, Germany has already banned street cleaning.

There are other car shampoo alternatives on the market that also work without water, but  Smart Polish Pro Waterless Wash & Wax ticks the boxes for environmentally friendly types – although it seems you pay a bit more for the privilege.

The new car shampoo is available now for £15.99 or £24.99 with one ‘professional microfibre cloth’. You are best off buying cloths elsewhere to save yourself a few quid, especially as the instructions suggest the use of two.

On a related note, keep your eyes peeled for our guide to cleaning your car the proper way ahead of the colder and more muddy winter months.


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