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The cardboard Lexus that is actually drivable

Ever wanted to see a Lexus made entirely from cardboard? Well, today is your lucky day as the car manufacturer has released a video of exactly that.

The cardboard Lexus IS was created to show Lexus’s ‘promise of creating amazing’. A 3D model of the Lexus IS used for production was cut into the virtual slices needed to turn it into a glorified jigsaw puzzle.

The end result is comprised 1,700 individual pieces of cardboard, each one laser cut by a machine and assembled and glued by hand. Painstaking? You betcha, but the effort was worth it as it looks the business.

Such is the level of detail, the origami Lexus IS features doors that open, headlights that switch on, moving wheels and seats that look half comfortable.

Meanwhile a steel and aluminium frame – used to give the car structural strength – was fitted with an electric motor so it can be driven (slowly and out of the rain).

It took five people to digitally and physically turn plain pieces of cardboard into the full-sized sculpture before you see before you. Check out the video below and then go see it in person at the Grand Designs Live show on October 8th to the 11th at the NEC in Birmingham.

Lexus IS cardboard origami car video


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